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[#Republic Day Speech] 26 January Speech In Hindi 2019 For Teachers Students

[#Republic Day Speech] : Download best 26 January Speech In Hindi 2019 and Republic Day Speech In Hindi (Small Speech) For Teachers Students Kids and motivate your classmates, friends and teachers. Republic Day is the national festival of India. This day is celebrated in the joy of becoming a republic of India. On January 26, 1950, India was declared a Republican nation. The new era was inaugurated on this day by adopting a new constitution of independent India. It was a day of self-respect for the Indian public.

According to the constitution, Dr. Rajendra Prasad became the first President of Independent India. People celebrate happiness throughout the country. Since then, on January 26, every year the Republic Day has been celebrated. January 26 is a glorious day for India. There are special events throughout the country on this day. There is a program to hoist national flag tri-color in schools, offices and all major places. From this site you will get 26 January Speech In Hindi and Republic Day Speech For Teachers.

Children participate in them enthusiastically. People congratulate each other School children participate in district headquarters, provincial capitals and parade of country’s capital. There are cultural activities in different places. There are folk dance, folklore, national anthem and various types of programs. Desh Gujarat evaluates the progress of the country. Share this Republic Day Speech In Hindi with your all classmates and friends.

In this site we grab best collection of Republic Day Speech For Students and 26 January Hindi Speech Lines. These lines will be helpful for all the school going kids and friends.

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[#Republic Day Speech] 26 January Speech In Hindi 2019 For Teachers Students :

Students Teachers Kids participates in the Republic Day Speech programs, so they want 26 January Republic Day Speech In Hindi 2019. On the occasion of Republic Day, the main event takes place in Delhi. A platform is built on Vijay Chowk and the viewer is a gallery. The President travels here with his bodyguards and hovers the flag. They were given 21 gun salute. Army band sings the tunes of the national anthem. The President inspects the parade.

Children of different schools in the parade, NCC Cadets of the police paramilitary and army personnel participate A large number of leaders, ambassadars and general public are seen to see the parade. On this occasion a President is invited as the Chief Guest. This all paragraph is about Republic Day Importance and 26 January Speech In Hindi.

The view of the Republic Day Parade is very attractive. The troops and paramilitary forces move forward with step by step. After the parade, the view of peeps passes in front of the salute platform. Growing from one to a decorative-covered lid. Someone has a glimpse of Shikara in Kashmir, in somebody’s glimpse of the calm posture of Mahatma Buddha. Hope this Speech On Republic Day In Hindi will be helpful for motivate your classmates and guests.

In some of them, Maharana Pratap is seen on his horse Chetak, then someone in the Ranchandi becomes Lakshmibai. In some scenes, dancers dance and dance to everyone. Different states show their culture in their panache. The brave children are very happy to ride on the elephant or jeep. In the celebration of Republic Day, the President provides gallantry award and medal to the army and police personnel who displayed extraordinary heroism in the name of the country. Share this article that is on Republic Day 2019 Speech In Hindi and celebrate the national holiday of India.

26 January Speech In Hindi 2019 For Teachers Students :

Here we are going to tell you about Republic Day and also sharing 26 January Speech In Hindi 2019 For teachers students kids. Republic Day is the day of evaluation of its accomplishments. What types of floors have been decided by the Republic of India, and which of the remaining floors are yet to be reviewed. Newspapers and magazines print out many reports related to it. There are colorful events on television. Places of place are surrounded by the Qawwalias, Musashirs and Kavi conventions, and there are spectacular lights on the dotted buildings of the capital.

The nation feels proud of its republic. On the Republic Day, the nation remembers its superheroes. After the sacrifices of thousands and millions of people, the country got independence and again became the nation’s republic. Freedom did not get us in the begging. Many lost their lives for this. Hope you like this speech on 26 january 2019 and will share with your buddies.

Leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose put a stake in life. He kept the values ​​of life in front of the countrymen. Our Republic is based on these values ​​of values.

Therefore they should be protected. Time, dignity of the person, world brotherhood, secularism, secularism, secularism are the fundamentals of the Republic. To see our Republic flourishing, we have to put them in the heart. This is the best Republic Day Hindi Speech for you all school students and we also add here Republic Day Speech Images for better practice.

Republic Day Speech In Hindi

Republic Day Speech In Hindi

[#Republic Day Speech] 26 January Speech In Hindi 2019 For Teachers Students | Importance Of Republic Day :

January 26 is the great national festival of our country. This day has great significance in the country’s independence movement. In the month of December 1929, there was an annual convention of Indian National Congress on the banks of river Ravi in ​​Lahore.

In this session, the resolution of the goal of making India fully structured under the chairmanship of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was passed. On January 26, 1930, an oath was taken to contribute to the fulfillment of this objective in every corner of the country.
India became independent on August 15, 1947 and passed its new constitution in November 1949.

Keeping in mind the historic importance of January 26, the date for the implementation of the Constitution was fixed on 26 January ie 26 January 1950. In the Constitution, India is declared as a complete Ganatra. That is why this day is called Republic Day.

Function : Every year since 1950, we celebrate Ganatantra Divas on 26th January. This is our most important national festival. This day is celebrated with great fervor throughout the country. National flags are hoisted, Prabhat ferries emerge and vows to surrender to the country. The main event happens in Delhi, India’s capital.

Great Parade: The grand preparations of the festival in Delhi start coming months ago. Firstly, in the memory of President Mahatma Gandhi, on the occasion of his memorial, the Prime Minister, the President and other leaders present the festivities by giving the Gan Fan. After this, on the India Gate, Amar Jawan Jyoti is conferred with reverence, and the martyrs are given salute to the martyrs. At exactly ten o’clock a huge procession is taken from Vijay Chowk near Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The President ceremoniously comes to a huge platform built on the Rajpath. There are arrangements for the seating of millions of people on either side of Rajpath. Millions of visitors from every corner of the country come to see this phenomenon every year. Many parishes in the parade pass through Rajpath in their attractive uniforms.

The President takes the salute of Paradise. Modern procession, military vehicles, aircraft etc. are displayed in the procession. In the middle, many band march turns out to play sound. From the corner of the country, the dancers appear to display their art.

NCC cadets, police jawans, Border Security Force and Central Reserve Police etc. are also involved in the infiltration. Another highlight of the parade is the cultural zodiac of the various states of the country.

The boys and girls of many schools also participate in it and take a lot of interest in the audience. The parade ends by going on the red fort via Rajpath. Thousands of men and women look at it with interest. On this day, Delhi looks very remote.

Banquet by President: In the evening, the President gives a great party to respected citizens, voters, political representatives etc. This party is in the Mughal Gardens of Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Demonstration of folklore: Dancers from all parts of the country come to Delhi to participate in this event. They perform at the National Stadium. People look at these folk songs with great enthusiasm.

Lights & Fireworks: All important government buildings are decorated with colorful children of electricity. They are burned in the evening. All these buildings seem to be very attractive from a distance. The lights are done for several days. In the evening Ramlila Maidan is a big show of fireworks. All day long there is huge crowd in the city.

Conclusion of the celebrations: On January 29, these celebrations culminate with a beating retreat. In the big round circle of Vijay Chowk, many band members of the army play their special tune and parade. The President takes his salute. By almost one hour, the tune of these bandes of the army makes people enchanting. It ends in the sky, leaving rugged balloons.

Epilogue: 26 January has a major significance in the history of our country. On this day, we are reminiscent of ourselves that we are citizens of the Sovereign, Sovereign Republic of the Republic. All these men and women have equal rights. On this day, we should remember our duties, by fulfilling that we can make the country prosperous and prosperous.

Hope this article of 26 January Speech In Hindi and Republic Day Speech In Hindi For Students Teachers will be helpful. For more stuff visit this website.

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